Investing in potential

Facilitating collaboration between leading companies, with the aim of providing unprecedented solutions for ambitious companies

Software development

The Merkato Software Platform is the beating heart of our business. The platform has been developed in-house and is 100% owned. Thousands of users all over the world are now using our software in one way or another. The development of the platform never stops. Adjustments and improvements are made on a daily basis, always directly related to feedback from the market.


The Merkato Software Platform lends visibility to a variety of applications. Each product-market combination requires a different approach. The various companies within the company group focus specifically on certain PMCs. Cross-selling is encouraged.


We believe in entrepreneurship. Merkato Group invests in new companies. We opt for a facilitating, advisory role in this respect. The entrepreneur is given plenty of room to do his own business.

Merkato Group stands for sustainable enterprise with respect for the world around us.


The fun of doing business is of paramount importance to us. And what could be more fun than making customers happy with a brilliant product or service? We don't go for the quick money, but for the lasting relationship. We demand this approach not only from ourselves, but also from the companies in which we participate.


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